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Primary contact for general questions and comments:

Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission
82 Westmorland Street
Suite 401, P.O. Box 6000
Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1

Tel: (506) 453-2844
Fax: (506) 453-2106
E-mail: mphec@mphec.ca

The MPHEC office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 A.S.T


Staff is responsible for the Commission's day-to-day activities and receives direction from the Commission through the Chief Executive Officer and provides support to the Commission and its Committees. The Commission's staff has expertise in the following areas: data collection/management, data analysis, quality assurance, finance, project management and event organization.


Rachael Anderson,

Corporate Service Officer 

andersonr@mphec.ca,(506) 453-5425


Stanislav Bashalkhanov,

Policy and Research Analyst 

bashalkhanovs@mphec.ca, (506) 453-3654


Auralia Brooke,

Policy and Research Analyst 

brookea@mphec.ca, (506) 444-5066


Kimberly Chevarie,

Administrative Assistant

chevariek@mphec.ca(506) 453-2844



Jean-Charles Doucet,

Acting Director of Finance 

doucetj@mphec.ca, (506) 453-8008



Dawn Gordon,

Director, Research and Data Analysis 

gordond@mphec.ca, (506) 444-5466

MPHigher Ed CFeb 2014Keith Minchin -82

Shannon McKenna-Farrell,

Senior Policy and Research Advisor 

mckenna-farrells@mphec.ca, (506) 453-3039


Lisa O'Connell,

Policy and Research Analyst 

oconnelll@mphec.ca, (506) 444-5456


Catherine Stewart,

Interim Chief Executive Officer

stewartc@mphec.ca, (506) 453-2844


Scott Stonehouse,

Information Systems Architect 

stonehouses@mphec.ca, (902) 499-3103


Chris Teeter,

Policy and Research Analyst

teeterc@mphec.ca, (506) 453-5996



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